Nokia 6230i - Overview of functions

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Overview of functions

The Nokia 6230i phone provides many functions that are practical for
daily use, such as a calendar, a clock, an alarm clock, a radio, a music
player, and a built-in camera. You can personalize your phone with
Nokia Xpress-on


color covers. Your phone also supports the following


• Enhanced data rates for GSM evolution (EDGE), see (E)GPRS on

page 66.

• Extensible hypertext markup language (XHTML) browser, see Web on

page 99.

• E-mail application, see E-mail application on page 44.

• Instant messaging, see Instant messages on page 37.

• Presence-enhanced contacts, see My presence on page 53.

• Push to talk, see Push to talk on page 80.

• Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME


), see Applications on page 95.

• Bluetooth technology, see Bluetooth wireless technology on

page 64.

• Multimedia card to extend the memory capacity of your phone to

store images and video clips.