Nokia 6230i - Configuration settings service

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Configuration settings service

Before you use multimedia messaging, instant messaging and presence,
push to talk, e-mail application, synchronization, streaming, and the
browser, you must have the proper configuration settings on your
phone. You may receive the settings directly as a configuration message,
which you save to your phone. For more information on availability,
contact your network operator, service provider, or nearest authorized
Nokia dealer.

When you have received the settings as a configuration message, and
the settings are not automatically saved and activated,


settings received

is displayed.

To save the received settings, select




. If the phone requests

Enter settings’ PIN:

, enter the PIN code for the settings, and select


. To

receive the PIN code, contact the service provider that supplies the

If no settings are saved yet, these settings are saved and set as default
configuration settings. Otherwise, the phone asks

Activate saved

configuration settings?


To discard the received settings, select