Nokia 6230i - Certificates

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Important: Note that even if the use of certificates makes the risks
involved in remote connections and software installation considerably
smaller, they must be used correctly in order to benefit from increased
security. The existence of a certificate does not offer any protection by
itself; the certificate manager must contain correct, authentic, or
trusted certificates for increased security to be available. Certificates
have a restricted lifetime. If Expired certificate or Certificate not valid
yet is shown even if the certificate should be valid, check that the
current date and time in your device are correct.

Before changing any certificate settings, you must make sure that you
really trust the owner of the certificate and that the certificate really
belongs to the listed owner.

There are three kinds of certificates: server certificates, authority
certificates, and user certificates. You may receive these certificates
from your service provider. Authority certificates and user certificates
may also be saved in the security module by the service provider.

To view the list of the authority or user certificates downloaded into
your phone, select







Security settings


Authority certificates


User certificates


The security indicator

is displayed during a connection, if the data

transmission between the phone and the content server is encrypted.

The security icon does not indicate that the data transmission between the
gateway and the content server (or place where the requested resource is stored)
is secure. The service provider secures the data transmission between the
gateway and the content server.