Nokia 6230i - Options while browsing

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Options while browsing

Select from the following options:

Use wallet info

to use the wallet card information from the

application if the service page supports the wallet. See Wallet on
page 89.


to return to your start page.


to open a new list of options that are specific to the page.

This option is only available if the page contains shortcuts.

Add bookmark

to save the page as a bookmark.


to access the list of bookmarks. See Bookmarks on

page 103.

Page options

to show the list of options for the active page.


to get a list showing the last visited URLs.

Download links

to show the list of bookmarks for downloading.

Other options

to show a list of other options.


to reload and update the current page.


to disconnect from a service.

The service provider may also offer other options.

If you have tried to access or have accessed confidential information requiring
passwords (for example, your bank account), empty the cache of your phone after
each use.

To empty the cache, see Cache memory on page 105.