Nokia 6230i - Multimedia messages

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Multimedia messages

The appearance of a multimedia message may vary depending on the receiving

To check availability and to subscribe to the multimedia messaging
network service, contact your network operator or service provider. See
Multimedia message settings on page 49.

A multimedia message can contain text, sound, a picture, a calendar
note, a business card, or a video clip. If the message is too large, the
phone may not be able to receive it. Some networks allow text messages
that include an Internet address where you can view the multimedia

The phone may not support all variations of the file formats.

You cannot receive multimedia messages during a call, a game, another
Java application, or an active browsing session over GSM data. Because
delivery of multimedia messages can fail for various reasons, do not rely
solely upon them for essential communications.

The wireless network may limit the size of multimedia messages. If the
inserted picture exceeds this limit, the device may make it smaller so
that it can be sent by multimedia messaging.