Nokia 6230i - Instant messages

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Instant messages

Instant messaging (IM) (network service) is a way to send short, simple
text messages to online users, delivered over TCP/IP protocols. Your
contact list shows you when your contacts are online and available to
participate in an instant messaging conversation. When you have
written and sent your message, it remains displayed. The reply message
appears below your original message.

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M e n u f u n c t i o n s


Before you can use instant messaging, you must subscribe to the
service. To check the availability and costs, and to subscribe to the
service, contact your network operator or service provider, from whom
you also receive your unique ID, password, and settings.

To set the required settings for the instant messaging service, see

Connect. settings

in Access the instant messaging menu on page 39. The

icons and texts on the display may vary, depending on the instant
messaging service.

While you are connected to the instant messaging service, you can use
the other functions of the phone, and the instant messaging
conversation remains active in the background. Depending on the
network, the active instant messaging conversation may consume the
phone battery faster, and you may need to connect the phone to a