Nokia 6230i - Music player settings

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Music player settings

In the

Music player

menu, the following options may be available:

Play via bluetooth

to make a connection to an audio enhancement

using a Bluetooth connection.

Track list

to view all the tracks available on the track list. To play a

track, scroll to the desired track, and select






Refresh all tracks


Change track list

to refresh the

track list (for example, after adding new tracks to the list) or to
change the track list that is shown when you open the

Music player

menu, if several track lists are available in the phone.

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M e n u f u n c t i o n s


Play options





to play the tracks in the track list in

random order. Select



Current track


All tracks

to play the

current track or the entire track list repeatedly.

Media equaliser

to open the list of media equalizer sets. See

Equalizer on page 80.




to listen to the music player through the

loudspeaker or a compatible headset connected to the phone.

Tip: When using a headset, you can skip to the next track by
pressing the headset key quickly.


to send the selected file using MMS, Bluetooth wireless

technology, or an infrared connection.

Music downloads

to connect to a browser service related to the

current track. This function is only available when the address of the
service is included in the track.

Memory status

to view the free and used memory capacity.