Nokia 6230i - View the subscribed names

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View the subscribed names

To view the presence information, see also Search for a contact on
page 51.

1. Select





Subscribed names


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M e n u f u n c t i o n s


The status information of the first contact on the subscribed names
list is displayed. The information that the person wants to make
available to others may include text and an icon.


, or

indicate that the person is available, not visible to

others, or not available.

indicates that the person’s presence information is not available.

2. Select


to view the details of the selected contact, or select


, and select from the following options:

Subscribe new

to add a new contact to the list of subscribed


Send message

to send a text message, multimedia message, or an

e-mail to the selected contact.

Send business card

to send a business card of the selected



to remove the selected contact from the list of

subscribed names.