Nokia 6230i - Other application options

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Other application options


to delete the application or application set from the phone.


to give additional information about the application.

Update version

to check if a new version of the application is

available for download from


(network service).

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M e n u f u n c t i o n s


Web page

to provide further information or additional data for the

application from an Internet page. This feature must be supported by
the network. It is only shown if an Internet address has been
provided with the application.

Application access

to restrict the application from accessing the

network. Different categories are shown. Select in each category, if
available, one of the following permissions:

Ask every time

and the

phone asks always for network access,

Ask first time only

and the

phone asks on first attempt to network access,

Always allowed


allow the network access, or

Not allowed

to not allow the network