Nokia 6230i - Predictive text input

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Predictive text input

Predictive text input allows you to write text quickly using the phone
keypad and a built-in dictionary.

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W r i t e t e x t


1. Start writing a word using the keys 2 to 9. Press each key only once

for one letter. The phone displays * or the letter if it separately has a
meaning as a word. The entered letters are displayed underlined.

If you selected

Word suggestions

as prediction type, the phone starts

to predict the word you are writing. After you enter a few letters, and
if these entered letters are not a word, the phone tries to predict
longer words. Only the entered letters are displayed underlined.

2. When you finish writing the word and it is correct, to confirm it by

adding a space, press 0.

If the word is not correct, press * repeatedly, or select




. When the word that you want appears, select



If the ? character is displayed after the word, the word you intended
to write is not in the dictionary. To add the word to the dictionary,


. The phone displays the entered letters. Complete the

word using traditional text input, and select



For more instructions for writing text, see Tips on page 26.