Nokia 6230i - Indicators

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You received one or several text or picture messages.

You received one or several multimedia messages.

The phone registered a missed call.


Your phone is connected to the instant messaging service, and
the availability status is online or offline.

You received one or several instant messages, and you are
connected to the instant messaging service.

The keypad is locked.

The phone does not ring for an incoming call or text message

Incoming call alert

is set to


, or none of the caller

groups has been set to alert in the

Alert for

setting, and

Message alert tone

is set to


. See also Tones on page 62.

The alarm clock is set to



The countdown timer is running.

The stopwatch is running in the background.

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Y o u r p h o n e


The (E)GPRS connection mode

Always online

is selected, and the

(E)GPRS service is available.

An (E)GPRS connection is established.

The (E)GPRS connection is suspended (on hold), for example, if
there is an incoming or outgoing call during an (E)GPRS dial-up

When the infrared connection is activated, the indicator is
shown continuously.

A Bluetooth connection is active.

If you have two phone lines, the second phone line is selected.

All incoming calls are diverted to another number.

The loudspeaker is activated, or the music stand is connected to
the phone.

Calls are limited to a closed user group.

The timed profile is selected.

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A headset, hands-free, loopset, or music stand enhancement is
connected to the phone.


A push to talk connection is active or suspended.