Nokia 6230i - Keys and connectors

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Keys and connectors

• Power key (1)

• Earpiece (2)

• Volume keys (3)

Volume up key to make a push to
talk call. See Make and receive a
push to talk call on page 81.

• Loudspeaker (4)

• Left selection key, middle selection

key, and right selection key (5)

The function of these keys depends
on the guiding text shown on the
display above the keys.

• 4-way navigation key (6)

Scroll up and down, left and right.

• Call key (7) to dial a phone number

and answer a call.

• End key (8) to end an active call and exit from any function

• Number keys (9) to enter numbers and characters

The * and # keys (9) are used for various purposes in different

• Charger connector (10)

• Pop-Port


connector used for

enhancements such as headsets and the
data cable (11)

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Y o u r p h o n e


• Infrared (IR) port (12)

• Camera lens on the back cover of the

phone (13)